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The euro goes up, the dollar goes down, and China devalues the yuan. But what's behind these currency fluctuations? This forex podcast is all about the global currency market. Our three financial market analysts, who are also top Bloomberg forecasters, discuss macro-economic news and its effect on the global financial market - providing you with insights to make informed decisions. *The information contained in this podcast does not constitute a recommendation from any Ebury entity to the recipient.
S3E11: Don’t panic, a recession is not here yetMay 25, 2022 Episode artwork S3E10: How is the Federal Reserve policy affecting the foreign exchange market?May 11, 2022 Episode artwork S3E9: Dollar is king as market fears drive volatilityApril 28, 2022 Episode artwork S3E8: Can the euro rebound on growing ECB rate hike bets?April 13, 2022 Episode artwork S3E7: Russian invasion triggers currency chaosMarch 02, 2022 Episode artwork S3E6: Is the euro safe after Lagarde's hawkish turn?February 09, 2022 Episode artwork S3E5: The comeback kids of 2022: Emerging market currenciesJanuary 19, 2022 Episode artwork S3E4: Inflation at the wheel: the driver of currencies in 2022January 05, 2022 Episode artwork S3E3: No Time to Die for the US dollarNovember 24, 2021 Episode artwork Welcome to FX Talk November 16, 2021 Episode artwork S3E2: Surprising central bank policies will shape the currency marketNovember 09, 2021 Episode artwork S3E1: Bank of England steps closer to a rate hikeOctober 20, 2021 Episode artwork S2E15: Why is the Brazilian real underperforming its emerging market peers?October 06, 2021 Episode artwork S2E14: Calmer waters heading into a big week for the Fed and German electionsSeptember 17, 2021 Episode artwork S2E13: Mixed tones from the latest FOMC policy meeting & what to expect from the next two monthsAugust 17, 2021 Episode artwork S2E12: Emerging market currencies wobble as Delta spreadsJuly 28, 2021 Episode artwork S2E11: How did the US nonfarm payrolls report impact the FX market?July 07, 2021 Episode artwork S2E10: What's next for the currency market after the Fed meeting?June 23, 2021 Episode artwork S2E9: The G3 central bank meetings are coming. Here’s what our analysts expectJune 09, 2021 Episode artwork S2E8: What rising inflation means for the FX marketMay 26, 2021 Episode artwork S2E7: US payrolls report fails to help the US dollarMay 13, 2021 Episode artwork S2E6: An underperforming dollar and a busy couple of days for the euroApril 21, 2021 Episode artwork S2E5: How vaccination rates are driving the currency marketApril 07, 2021 Episode artwork S2E4: What do the latest G3 central bank meetings mean for the FX market?March 19, 2021 Episode artwork S2E3: The recent sell-off in global bond markets & the impact of Covid vaccine programmes on currencies so farMarch 03, 2021 Episode artwork